REPOs / Foreclosures / Short Sales

Here is a short list of organizations that might have Foreclosure properties available for sale. We can help you with these properties.

  • HUD
  • Department of Veterans Affairs The VA
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation The FDIC
  • Internal Revenue Service The IRS
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Customs (and Boarder…)
  • U.S. Marshals Service
  • Department of Agriculture Rural Development
  • Local and Regional BANKS

These Organizations most often LIST their properties with an agent so that they would appear in a local MLS and would then also appear on national web sites such as and REALTOR.COM, but they may not be labeled on those sites as a REPO. They think that might stigmatize the property for some reason.

Some sites do allow houses in foreclosure to be labeled as a REPO and you can see all of those in our local MLS by clicking on the link below.

The properties in our MLS that are not allowed to be labeled would have to be individually identified by an Agent who is familiar with that particular property and/or would have personal knowledge that a particular house is a REPO; such as previous contact with the listing agent, or personal knowledge of the actual foreclosure etc. Call us to ask about other possible foreclosures currently for sale.


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